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Reviews for Lifelong Productions



Osama The Hero
by Dennis Kelly
Nominated for The Segal Centre’s Most Promising Ensemble Production at the 2013 Montreal Fringe Festival

"Dark, poetic and intelligent, this Obie Award-winning play produced by Lifelong Productions has a stellar cast, a beautiful set and a perfect execution"


"Dreams are broken in this story. Lives are spent in agony. Hope is bright but fleeting. The dialogue is enchanting and it captures the audience with its haunting images and its poetry. The actors give a brilliant performance, taking the audience with them on the roller-coaster ride of emotions that they live.

My verdict? I highly recommend this play to theatre lovers. You will not be disappointed, Lifelong Productions delivers a quality that goes well beyond FRINGE expectations."


June 15, 2014 by Bloody Underrated





FRINGEBUZZ - Montreal Fringe 2014


16 June, 2014

"I saw this show on opening night. It is a fantasticly dark play with unexpected moments of comedy even amidst the story of a poor family. All the actors are very talented but the four leads are especially fascinating to watch. This play is bold and challenges the audience - you definitely won't be bored!"


17 June, 2014

"On an amazing Fringe day, I saw four shows and this powerful play is a must see.  Christian Jadah and Matt Dawson play father and son.  They are terrific actors and they put it all out there. The play is raw and real (...). The set is Fringe sparse.  An old fridge is a reminder of emptiness even when it's filled with artichokes. Go see this show."

Curse Of The Starving Class
by Sam Shepard
Nominated for The Segal Centre's Most Promising Local English Company and the Théâtre Denise Pelletier - Le Prix Fred Barry for Best Production Design at the 2014 Montreal Fringe Festival

"I’d have to claim this one as my darkhorse pick; the preview just had a guy bound and gagged, sitting in a chair and screaming a muffled scream, while the Gary Jules cover of “Mad World” played ominously over the speakers. Suddenly, a fleet of paper planes was launched in all directions from the rafters (...)."


June 10, 2013 by The Main 



"Went to see yesterday's performance and left feeling like someone had gripped my guts and torn them out strand by bloody strand. "Osama the Hero" only serves to affirm Lifelong's status as one of the most talented new companies in this city, devoted to making theatre that is visceral, violent and always thought-provoking."


June 18, 2013 by Vishesh Abeyratne



"Our modern world is fraught with problems caused by clashes in perspective, in so many different ways, and Lifelong’s show forces us to encounter that fact. Each character brings a different point of view on specific matters, communal or individual, into the spotlight. Through the actors’ strong and rooted performances, we learn that each of these (for that matter, all) points of view do have some validity (...) Spectacular direction, a light show to mirror the action, and ultimately, a show that was beautifully orchestrated." 


June 19, 2013 by Bloody Underrated



NETBUZZ - Montreal Fringe 2013 


June 15, 2013 

"Incredible. Holy hell, this was intense! But funny, too! The actors all did a phenomenal job bringing this show to life, opening the audience up with great comedic timing and then ripping our guts out. Not to be missed. This is indeed a riveting production..."


June 15, 2013 

"Osama The Hero was riveting! Saw the opening performance last night. WOW!! What powerful performances by everyone! What an awesome experience! Bravo! Bravo!"


After The End
by Dennis Kelly

"After the End was the grittiest and most naturalistic production I've seen in 8 years in the Montreal theatre scene."


"An incredibly intense production (...) that literally left me breathless! Commanding performances and a totally transformed Mainline Theatre into a believable bomb shelter made for a claustrophobic and gripping experience. THIS is why we go to see theatre!"


26 February, 2015 by Scott Humphrey


“"After The End" at the Mainline, first impressions: holy shit. Holy fucking shit.”


13 December, 2014 by modern ghost @timehead_

"The staging and direction of this play left us teetering on the edge of danger and brutality, never sure of what was going to happen next."


"It was a just and successful interpretation of Dennis Kelly's take on obsession and paranoia."


20 March, 2015 by Olivier Lamarche 

The Pillowman
by Martin McDonagh

"A gripping piece of theatre about survivalism, isolation and the fear of the apocalypse, both societal and personal. Director Robert Montcalm creates a relentlessly tense atmosphere for the two inhabitants of the bomb shelter, punctuated by moments of unexpected levity, as well as superbly staged explosions of violence that expose the dark emotions that lie hidden in even the most meek of characters... Highly recommended!"


26 March, 2015 by Paul de Tourreil


"The Pillowman is a must-see, must-experience at MainLine theatre.

In the dispiriting world of 9-to-5 jobs and paying bills, we forget that we exist to be moved and thrilled by a really good story. That’s where the MainLine theatre and Lifelong Productions' staging of Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman steps in and jolts us uncomfortably, brilliantly, into remembering that at our core, we love being an audience.


The Pillowman doesn’t pull any punches in its violent, mesmerizing staging of the Katurian investigation and the graphic, disturbing short stories acted out on stage. Director Courtney Larkin, fight director Robert Montcalm and set and prop designer Julie Racine have infused The Pillowman with a brutality and vitality that isn’t often seen live. The involuntary gasps and exclamations from audience members on opening night prove the believability of the play; The Pillowman reaches out and grabs its viewers in a visceral, frightening embrace."


29 August, 2012 by Rebecca Ugolini, THE CHARLEBOIS POST




"Lifelong Productions hit the mark on McDonagh’s fa[st] paced and violent-yet-funny style. The actors’ chemistry worked wonders as we saw the relationships between prisoner and interrogators evolve through the show. The direction moved them naturally from violent outbursts to almost tender moments of mutual understanding. The show was beautifully set up, drawing us into the turmoil of the writer’s past and his stories through creepy lighting and ominous sound work. On top of it, Rob Montcalm’s fight choreography is seamless and powerful. I saw a number of people flinching.

It’s a visually and aurally captivating piece on all fronts. The hard work from everyone involved shows. I can’t really find anything negative to say – go see it! Even though it is an intense psychological thriller, you can let yourself laugh…it may be the only way to ease the tension."


August 29, 2012 by Bloody Underrated



"Lifelong Productions premiered with a fantastic run of Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman (...), one that was exceedingly dark and yet frank and human."


June 1st, 2013 by Bloody Underrated

Red Light Winter
by Adam Rapp
Danny And The
Deep Blue Sea
by John Patrick Shanley

"If you were planning on seeing Fifty Shades of Grey, don't. Go see Fifty Shades of Red: seduction, passion, obsession, rage, revenge, love... Ever wanted to be immersed in the reality of a film or a play? "Red Light Winter" will give you a close-up and unapologetic look into the world of the beautiful ugliness of human lust, love and loss."


19 February, 2015 by Laurent M. Pitre

"As an ensemble, the actors played together as actors should: with a presence that reflected the fact that they are in the world of the play and not ours. Red Light Winter is an intense story with a great amount of dark comedy. Lifelong told it with clarity and precision and most vitally, humor. I was laughing and that's worth a great deal to me."


27 February, 2015 by Mitchell Cohen


"I was engaged from beginning to end. Robert knows how to keep an audience entertained and curious! The set design was fantastic and each moment was well-executed. Great production!"


4 March, 2015 by Anonymous 

"Work or should I say Play that is worthy of being put on at the likes of our Centaur theatre or even at an off Broadway venue (...) amazing performances, innovative staging, sensitive directing a must see for all theatre lovers."


28 February, 2015 by Joseph DeMarco


"Intelligent and unique choices made by the director, designers and actors allowed for this unbridled piece of human longing to be lit naked, visible, and powerful. This raw portrayal of emotion and movement were intimate, sharp, and resulted in a true connectivity with the audience."


25 March, 2015 by Sarah Peterson

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